Mary Harriman Rumsey, Founder of the Junior League

 Mary Harriman Rumsey, Founder of the Junior League

By Kathleen Lisson

I has the honor of appearing as Junior League founder Mary Harriman Rumsey at last weekend's 'Famous Ladies Tea,' a fundraiser for the Literacy Volunteers of Rensselaer County.

Junior League
Dress: Modcloth Wine Cellar Celebration
Photo: Amazon 

Junior League

I shared stories from Mary Harriman Rumsey's youth and her interest in the Settlement Movement. Preparing for this role was a great opportunity to learn more about the Junior League and Mrs. Rumsey. I felt so excited when I heard several attendees comment that they were leaving the event with a renewed interest in learning more about the women that were featured at the tea. 

What a great way to celebrate National Women's History Month!

Here is the link to more information about the LVORC 'Famous Ladies Tea' from the Troy Record -

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  1. Elegant, immensely lovely ensemble, dear Kathleen. Styles from the earliest decades of the 20th century suit you sublimely.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh how fun! What a brilliant hat!

  3. Great fun love the hat.

  4. Hi Kathleen, I love your navy and white hat photo from July 2012. I'm doing a fun little piece for a women's magazine and I wondered if you would consider allowing me to use it in the magazine (with appropriate credit given and a link to your website as well). Please let me know - love your blog!


  5. u loo so elegant... love the hat... drop by my blog smtime.. how abt supporting each other


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