Naturalization Ceremony in Troy, NY December 2013

Naturalization Ceremony in Troy, NY

 by Kathleen Lisson

I had the honor of participating in the December 2013 Naturalization ceremony held in Troy, NY. 

Richard Reilly, Judge Ceresia, Carol Haid and Kathleen Lisson at the Naturalization Ceremony December 13, 2013

Hat: David&Young
Dress: Modcloth Eiffel Power Dress in Toile 
Necklace: Ross-Simons 
Gloves : Vintage

 Carol looks on as 57 new citizens recite the Oath of Allegiance

The Van Rensselaer Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution helps celebrate our newest citizens at each Naturalization ceremony held in Troy. This time I got to hand out an American flag to the men and women as they came up to receive their citizenship certificate. 

The most memorable moment for me was standing among these new citizens and listening to them recite the Pledge of Allegiance in all their lovely accents as Americans for the very first time. 

My ancestors arrived on this continent in 1630 and several fought in the Revolutionary War. I am so happy to be able to witness that their sacrifices were not in vain - America is still a place where people flock to in order to seek a better life.

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  1. How wonderfully special! I will never, ever forget the day of Tony's citizenship ceremony. It was, in all seriousness, the best day of our lives (as it meant, after years of working our way through the immigration process that, we could finally set down long term roots without worrying that we might have to leave the country).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. The cloche hat suits you down to the ground.

  3. What a wonderful event, and how great that you participate, Kathleen. You look lovely, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  4. You look adorable--xoxo

  5. Love the dress and hat you wore to the ceremony. Perfect for the occasion!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. 1630?? Wow! My relatives have not been in America nearly as long as that! I think it was around late 1800s/early 1900s for most of them! And I've seen that dress and admired it before on the modcloth website, it's lovely on you!

  7. I like that description, "Still flock to seek a better life." Yes, that is a lovely ideal!
    Pretty hat my dear!x

  8. With so many hoops to jump to attain citizenship, these great new citizens deserve such a pretty welcome. I love it that you make it obvious that you're dressing up to honor their achievement. A mark of respect in all cultures, and well done, you!

  9. Beautiful hat for a very special ceremony.

  10. These ceremonies always make me misty-eyed, filled with gratitude that I live in America, thank you for sharing this. I like your dress, the toile is very chic & the cut is outstanding on you.


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